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RipTiger – Most Frequently Asked Questions
RipTiger Most frequently asked questions

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What are the system requirements to run RipTiger on my PC?
The minimum system requirements to run RipTiger on your PC:
- Windows XP SP2 x32, Windows Vista x32 or x64; Windows 7 x32/x64; Windows 8;
- Non-proxy Internet connection;
- 20MB available disk space for installation.
Where can I download the latest RipTiger version?
The latest RipTiger version is available at the RipTiger Official Website.
You can also download the latest RipTiger version following this link:
Do you offer updates to new versions? How much does it cost?
New RipTiger version updates come absolutely free of charge.
You can download the latest RipTiger version from the official website at any anytime.
Is it secure to download RipTiger on my PC?
Yes, downloading the program is absolutely safe. RipTiger is hosted on numerous tech media websites like, BrotherSoft, Softpedia and many others. RipTiger was tested thoroughly and it contains no Trojans, Adware, Spyware or Viruses of any sort.
The software asks for a license code. Do I need a license code to try the software?
No. You can try the trial version without a license code. In this case the recorded tracks will be limited in duration to 5 minutes or 50% of the file. After the program activation, your files will be downloaded fully.
Do you provide technical support for trial users?
Yes, we provide the technical support for trial users. If you face some issues when using the program or need some additional information, we will be pleased to assist you with the best possible solution or advice.
Will my license expire?
You've bought a lifetime license and it will never expire.
Which websites does RipTiger support for downloading?
RipTiger supports a huge number of websites which allow to watch movies, TV series, full-length and short videos, live TV Shows and other video content.
For more information please see
What kind of online streams can RipTiger capture?
RipTiger captures Flash Video (HTTP and RTMP), Windows Media (HTTP, MMS and RTSP), Real Audio and Real Video (HTTP and RTSP), MPEG, QuickTime and some Streaming MP3 (Shoutcast). RipTiger downloads videos from practically any major web-site, with only a few minor exceptions.
What output formats does RipTiger converter support?
RipTiger Ultimate can convert the downloaded files into ASF, DivX AVI, FLV, iPod / iPad / iPhone MP4, WMV, DVD mpeg, MP4, MKV, QuickTime MOV, Android MP4, Blackberry MP4, Xbox 260 WMV / MP4, WMA, MP3, M4B and other formats.
Can I use my RipTiger license code on multiple computers?
No, one license code can activate RipTiger on one PC only.
Please, contact our Support Team to get more copies of RipTiger software at a generous discount.
What is the main requirement for downloading?
The main requirement for downloading is that you can play the video in your web browser. Use “Add URL” option and RipTiger will open the video in your browser automatically.
I can't download a certain video. What should I do?
Sometimes the video gets saved in your browser cache and therefore RipTiger cannot capture it. Clean your browser cache, turn RipTiger off and then back on. RipTiger should be able to download the video now.
If the issue persists, please try to download the video using the alternative web browser like Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome (Use Internet Explorer for best compatibility).
I can't find the Scheduler to download the video in precise time. Does RipTiger provide this option?
Unfortunately, RipTiger doesn't contain the scheduling download feature.
I downloaded a video and the program started converting it automatically. How to I disable this option?
RipTiger doesn't contain an automatic conversion option. In order to fix the issue please reinstall RipTiger on your PC and start the download once again.
I can't find the downloaded/converted files. How can I set the output folder for these files?
To set the output folder for downloaded video files, please open program Settings and find 'Download to folder'. Here you can choose the output folder or just type the full path to this folder in the specified field.
To find the downloaded and converted files in a prompt way, please click on “My downloads” button in the program window.
How to download video from Hulu?
To record video from Hulu, you need to enable Advanced video ripping in RipTiger Settings and use Internet Explorer as your browser.
You can find more information on how to download the video with RipTiger here (including the PDF file):
Keep in mind that Advanced Video Ripping option is available in RipTiger Ultimate edition only.
I can't open RipTiger on my PC. What to do in this case?
Please uninstall RipTiger and download the latest version. Then right-click on the downloaded file and select "Run as Administrator".
Why do I receive “The following agents cannot start: RTMP monitoring agent” error? How do I fix this issue?
To fix “RTMP monitoring agent” error please reinstall RipTiger on your PC. You can download the latest RipTiger version from this link:
Please uninstall your version, reboot and install this one. Your license code will work with the new version.
Why does RipTiger continue to download videos even after closing the program window?
Remember that RipTiger can continue working in your system tray. To stop the automatic downloading, please close RipTiger the icon in your system tray. You can also turm off automatic downloading in the main program window before closing RipTiger.

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RipTiger will only download videos that are accessible free of charge and in no way protected from being publicly viewed.
This restriction, inter alia, applies to password and DRM protected videos, of which neither can be downloaded with RipTiger in pursuance of relevant provisions of the copyright law.
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